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At The Law Office of Deborah Bianchi Tracht, P.A., we are fully committed to settling your family law disputes. In collaborative law, attorneys for both the husband and wife must be "certified" in collaborative law. Both lawyers are mandated to cooperate 100 percent, and a team of experts, such as psychologists, divorce coaches and financial planners are sometimes utilized.

Ms. Tracht's collaborative law training and experience allow her to skillfully negotiate, along with another collaborative lawyer representing the opposing party, a reasonable divorce settlement of all the issues between the parties, without the need for contentious litigation.

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No Courtroom and No Lawsuits

Collaborative family law is a constructive process that involves spouses, their attorneys, and a team of professionals. Collaboration is different from mediation, because collaboration is cooperative, with everyone involved and committed to settling the case. It is particularly beneficial for divorce cases where children are involved and can also help resolve:

  • Property settlement agreements
  • Time sharing, parenting issues, and living arrangements
  • Alimony and spousal maintenance

If you want as amicable a divorce as possible, a healthy outcome for your children, and to stay out of the courtroom, our collaborative law attorney wants to work with you. Collaborative divorces help you move on with your life and allow you to have more say in the matter than with litigation. As advocates for children of divorcing parents, our divorce attorneys know that the more amicable a divorce is, the greater the chance that both parents will be able to be at their children's dance recitals, soccer games, and birthday parties together.

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Fort Lauderdale Collaborative Law Attorney

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