Fort Lauderdale Business Valuation Attorney

In property division and business valuation legal matters related to your divorce, you need the legal assistance of a detail-minded lawyer who crunches numbers, consults with forensic accountants and computer experts, and protects your rights throughout the process.

A less-than-accurate business appraisal may stand in the way of the kind of settlement you have in mind. When problems arise, you should turn to a true professional, an attorney with a reputation for results: Deborah Bianchi Tracht, P.A., in Fort Lauderdale.

You can benefit from Fort Lauderdale business valuation attorney Deborah Bianchi Tracht's reputation for compassionate, intelligent, experienced family law representation. Her years of service have taken her into every conceivable family law arena — and into family courts throughout South Florida. Find out more about how Deborah Bianchi Tracht's hard work and client commitment can serve you better by contacting us today.

Investigation, Mediation, Negotiation And Litigation: A Full-Service Law Firm

Many factors are used to determine the value of a closely held family business, professional practice or family limited partnership during asset and property division discussions.

Potential for growth, current growth rates, gross income, operations — these are complex components that should only be trusted to a family law attorney who has mediated, negotiated and litigated such cases many times before.

Deborah Bianchi Tracht insists upon precision and accuracy for everything connected to possessions or property you need to divide. She aggressively pursues the ideal of equitable distribution and fights for your right to recoup investments in your marriage.

To that end, she confers with investigators, forensic accountants, forensic computer technicians, business valuators, real estate professionals and the latest domestic relations software programs to arrive at strategies that will work in your best interests.

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fort lauderdale business valuation attorney

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