Fort Lauderdale Parental Abduction Attorney

Has your child been the victim of parental or other family member abduction and moved from Florida to another state or country by a vengeful or former spouse?

At The Law Office of Deborah Bianchi Tracht, P.A., in Fort Lauderdale, a lawyer can offer the legal knowledge and the personal service required to recover your child. We join you in close coordination with authorities in the state or country in question.

Our law firm is your South Florida home for compassionate, experienced family law representation. Deborah Bianchi Tracht provides insight, efficiency and the personal touch that comforts you. She encourages teamwork in difficult parental or child abduction situations — a united front that will yield results.

Contact us immediately if you believe that a parental or family abduction has occurred in your family. Call 954-776-2320 (24 hour availability).

Striving for Total Solutions to Family Abduction Issues

Our skilled family law attorney extends legal leadership to clients around the state and across the country with helpful assistance that includes:

  • Protection of your custodial and visitation rights
  • Coordination with investigators to locate your child
  • Resolutions for issues of jurisdiction
  • Collection of findings from child development, mental health and social services specialists
  • Presentation of evidence in family court
  • Diplomatic mediation of child custody disputes, and aggressive litigation if necessary

We favor total solutions to family law issues, including complex matters of parental or family abduction. Attorney Deborah Bianchi Tracht has been at the forefront of children's issues for 15-plus years — and always concentrates exclusively on the best interests of the child.

We look forward to hearing from you and finding out how we can help.

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Fort Lauderdale Parental Abduction Attorney

If you suspect parental or family abduction, take action now to protect your rights. Contact an experienced parental abduction lawyer in South Florida, Deborah Bianchi Tracht, now at 954-776-2320 (24 hour availability).